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Welcome to the "Site Updates" page, created to document additions to this website which might not necessary be worthy of sharing on the main "News" page, such as additions to the "Inspirations", "References" or "Downloads" pages. More notably, it documents the frequent updates to the "Transcript Archive". To be notified of updates, you can also subscribe to my Twitter feed and be sure to Like us on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Few Site Additions for Your Review

A few website additions for your review...  If I'm missing anything, please drop me a line! - Thanks to Paul Knox-Roberts, Tod Odonnell and Joe Pesch for the headsup!

To the "Rush Covers" page, I added "Tom Sawyer" performed by The United States Airforce Rock Group on the album Mach 1, released in 1983; this is a collection of upbeat anthems, and is now the earliest known Rush cover in print.

Next, a few additions to to the "Pop Culture References" page... During the television show "Person of Interest" (episode "Bad Code", season 2, episode 2), 2112 is part of a tab code which Finch enters into a telephone handset.  Another television show, "Ray Donovan" (episode "Federal Boobie Inspector", season 4, episode 4), sees Ray and another character discussing Canadian rock bands and include Rush.  And finally, as previously posted, the movie "The Infiltrator" was released July 13th, featuring "Tom Sawyer" during the opening credits scene, and it is also the lead track on the film's soundtrack.

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