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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Transcript: "Presto Brings Magic Back To Rush Performance," Toronto Star, May 10, 1990

I've just transcribed another long lost interview, this one is with Geddy Lee, interviewed during the Presto tour, as it appeared in the May 10, 1990 issue of the Toronto Star.  In "Presto Brings Magic Back To Rush Performance," Geddy talks about the rebirth of the band with Presto, and also discusses how they went about choosing the opening bands on tour. "Whenever we pick an opening act, we're supplied with a list of who's available. How that list comes to be is always beyond me...and all we try to do is pick a decent band that will work with us. For this tour, we thought it would be nice to have a French act [Voivod] play with us. To be frank, that's as far as we thought about it." - Thanks again to Heiko Klages for supplying the original article!

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